We build custom pinball machines.
Each unique, hand painted, one of a kind.

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We're dedicated to building an entirely custom classic pinball arcade art installation based around mechanically restored vintage 1970s pinball machines featuring art packages reimagined by some of the most influential and respected counter pop culture artists working in the game today. We aim to recreate the aura of those public game rooms that ruled the underground of yesteryear, the analog era, retrofit with modern styles relevant to the minds of a new generation. We're here to bring back the arcade.


Because every modern day creature comfort has an analog electro-mechanical ancestor, and in terms of the video game, pinball is that, the grandfather clock of the arcade, the first machine that ever kept score for you. Before pixels were being pumped in and fired through your eyeballs directly on into your brains by tvs and pc monitors, swinging flippers at a silver ball trapped in a world behind a sheet of glass was as good as gaming got. High technology, 1975, never forget. Know your roots.

With this respect for history in our hearts, we choose to use pinball as our medium, our canvas, an homage in honor


That's why we're here, doing what we do. Hope you're into it.


-Dave Baach, April 2013

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